Umu Pizza
Umu Pizza
Umu Pizza

Year: 2018
Design, Fabrication, Installation

Umu is a super awesome eatery that dishes up the best sourdough pizza in Auckland city. 

Pizza is supposed to be fun so we wanted to create a lively brand for the establishment. By leaning into hand drawn doodles and pastel stock printing paper as a starting point, we created a brand that dialled up the joy and didn’t take itself too seriously. 

Having talked owner Simon into baby pink being the core brand colour for his new pizza shop there was no going back, the whole shopfront needed a lick of the colour. This has quickly become a noticeable splash of colour on the Kingsland strip.

The brand identity has grown to incorporate a suite of bespoke illustrations, brand roll-out (pizza boxes, loyalty cards, waxed paper, menus, website) and signage installation for their Kingsland based shop.